A few words from Mr. Vulin

For many years I was doing jobs which required great effort, labour and resourcefulness, and I always achieved significant results, but I considered my life achievement fulfilled only after I laid down the last brick of the Villa Vulin. This building is primarily a family house where my three beautiful daughters grew up, and where my grandchildren run around today.

While fulfilling this dream, I tried to weave the spirit of the entire region into the villa. It was built from carefully chosen materials collected from distant Macedonia all the way to the central Italy. But with the motives and the building style typical for the Mediterranean, only a part of the story was completed. Luxurious interiors, the unity of colours, styles and materials are the other aspect of this hotel. Whoever comes as a guest will enjoy the rare comfort and his/ her vacation will surely be easy going and refreshing. This is high-quality time spent at a top-quality place. By opening my heart about the history of the house and my family, I am assured that you can realize that "Villa Vulin" is the right name for a place which entertains guests and visitors with exceptional care and unusual comfort.

I would once again like to thank all the people close to me, and all the people with whom I shared enriching experiences during my lifetime. I would like to invite you to join us so that we can create new moments and new memories together. Villa Vulin is a gift to my family, to my friends, and especially to the people of this beautiful city who are every day more than welcome here.

Best regards and see you soon,
Vulin Vaso